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Thursday, 23 February 2012

12 great places you must visit in Africa before you die.

The Great Ruins of Abu Simble View from Lake NassarThe African continent enjoys a vast and ever-changing landscape from lusciously fertile jungles through to the hot, arid desert. If you are visiting anywhere in Africa or better yet traveling through, there are some breath-taking places you won’t want to miss out on. Below are the first 6 great places to visit in Africa.

Egypt’s Abu Simbel:

Historically moved from their original location the two temples at Abu Simbel are an impressive sight to behold. They were carved out of the sandstone cliff near the River Nile over three millenniums ago – during the reign of the great Pharaoh, Ramesses II. The temples were built to honour the Pharaoh and the Egyptian Gods.

Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro:

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
This is not just an afternoon hike up Table Mountain; Mount Kilimanjaro (Kili as it is affectionately known) is the highest mountain in Africa, and at 19340ft its not surprising that summiting this impressive mound is a difficult and sometimes grueling task. The highest peak, Uhuru, can be reached by those with a moderate to high level of fitness, and if you can summit you’ll be able to say you reached the point of the tallest free-standing mountain in the world.
More on Mount Kilimanjaro – Mount Kilimanjaro, How Hard is it to Climb

Zambia & Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls:

Victoria Falls the Greatest Place in Arica
The thousands of tones of water gushing downwards is the site of the “largest curtain of falling water on the earth”. Victoria Falls is a grandiose waterfall on the Zambezi River at the Zimbabwean-Zambian border. The “Mosi-oa-Tunya” (smoke that thunders) columns of water spray can be seen from miles away and the sound elaborates to visitors just how powerful the water-flow is. On the Zambian side there are relatively-safe natural pools to swim in so don’t forget to bring your costume (and your camera of course).

Egypt’s Great Pyramids at Giza:
Great Sites in Africa, Pyramids of Giza
The Egyptians have such a rich and decadent cultural history, and the Pyramids are an important cornerstone in that regard. The triangular architecture of the Pyramids has become the icon most famously synonymous with Egypt, and most of them (there are over 100) were built as tombs to preserve the mummies of Pharaohs and their family-members.
More on Pyramids of Giza – Great Temples and Monuments of Egypt.

Namibia’s Fish River Canyon:

great sites in Africa, Fish River Canyon
After the Grand Canyon of America, the Namibian site of the Fish River Canyon is the most spectacular in the world. With a 160km ravine which measures at about 27km wide and 550 metres deep in some places the Fish River flows in the belly of this giant spectacle. Here you’ll enjoy wide open spaces that allow you to breathe the fresh air easy and take in the vast scenery.
More on Fish River Canyon – Last Day in Namibia, Final Stretch

The Maasai Mara and Serengeti’s Wildebeest Migration:

Arguably one of the most amazing natural events in the world, the Wildebeest Migration is an impressive movement to witness. The migration takes place among the open plains as hundreds of thousands of the magnificent wildebeest and zebra move towards greener pastures. The mass movement is a tense journey for the herbivores as they are followed closely by various predators hoping to benefit from the stragglers’ weaknesses.

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